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Who are we and what are our goals?



Mainly Tech, Programming and Game-Engine-Integration … so I’m responsible for the non-beautiful stuff.

Born 1988 and grew up with all kind of games. Mostly PC games, consoles were never really available at home. Told my mother I always wanted to be a “Game Programmer” … or Rallye driver.

I turned out to be a software developer. Not really for games but I never lost my passion. After several small projects (maybe you do know the horror-game “I.H.T”?) we want to publish our first real game Tricky Tracks!



Mainly Creative Stuff / Maps / Community Management … so I’m the one responsible for the beautiful stuff.

Born 1991 and also grew up with all kinds of games. Although I had a PC in a very early age, I grew up with different consoles. I always wanted to be a “professional gamer”; became a librarian instead.

Same as Jan, I never really lost my love for games entirely and I’m really excited to start as a noobie Game Dev. Can’t wait for everyone to hear about Tricky Tracks.