• Fixed: “Player-Is-Near” indicator is now reset on new round
  • Fixed: Stamina is now reset on new round


  • Added: Catch-Hands indicator for Runner. This is an additional indicator that a Seeker gets near you
  • Added: Background music for the Industrial map. We would love to hear your feedback on that =)
  • Added: Small indicator in Staging-Screen (after creating the session) who is master client
  • Added: The game now keeps track of how long you played with each hero.
  • Added: Round-Over GUI now reacts to player-leave
  • Improved: Start-Session GUI when clicking on “PLAY”. This now fits to the rest of the Intro-GUI
  • Improved: Choose map GUI is now a bit clearer and shows three maps without scrolling
  • Improved: Industrial map is now smaller in file size. Should increase loading-times as well as overall footprint of the game
  • Improved: Internal automatic issue & bug reporting system. This could go bonkers in the past and was sending too much data
  • Improved: Added Runner/Seeker distribution back to Profile-View
  • Fixed: Bugs regarding leaving or already left players
  • Fixed: Bug when clicking on skill in Skill-Overview
  • Fixed: Chat sometimes got unresponsive
  • Fixed: Skill-Input no longer handled while chatting


  • Added: Player counter to staging scene
  • Added: Options to staging scene
  • Added: Max count for wrong-hide-prop attempts. This will hopefully prevent trolling/spamming wrong hide props
  • Added: Notification when player triggers wrong hide prop
  • Added: Notification when player leaves
  • Added: (Preview) The Seeker-Scan now also spawns an in-scene indicator sprite which shows you the scanned RUNNER position
  • Fixed: Seeker-Area now gets reset on round-reset
  • Fixed: Spawn-Point-Light now correctly changes on round-reset
  • Fixed: Ingame-Options are now closed when entering the Industrial map
  • Fixed: Removed special avatars (seen in credits) from the choosable avatar list