The Kitchen Map is done and the launcher is downloadable now!

Hello everyone!

We’re here to show you the second map of our game: The Kitchen Map.

 As some of you might remember from our last update, it was still in development until some time ago. We finished it!

Of course, there are some small tweaks happening as our Alpha-Testers have been unleashed to test the map to its core. Yes, they get stuck sometimes. Yes, they find ways to get into the garden (which is not supposed to be entered, btw) or into cupboards where cucumbers are not allowed in:

We’re pretty happy with how the map turned out. The lighting settings got us headaches sometimes, but hey: Not too shabby, eh? And also the ceiling-fan moves now as well.

Want to join us and participate as an Alpha-Tester yourself but don’t know how? Here’s how:

  • Download the launcher from our websiteIndieDB or right here on It’s free (for now)!
  • Join our official Tricky Tracks Discord Server to find people to play with and keep on track with the development of the game.
  • To save your user statistics and be mentioned on the Score board, feel free to register on our website. This also helps us develop the game further and balance the different teams and maps.

See you ingame!
~ Rain

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. You’ll probably get the fastest response on our Twitter.


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