Version Alpha_03 – Our first milestone

With version “Alpha_03” we recently reached our first little milestone: Having a playable version of Tricky Tracks that can be played and enjoyed….for real. No big game-breaking bugs during a game round and all necessary low-level features implemented, that are the abolute minimum to play.

But it worked! And more important: IT WAS FUN =D

A big role played the first map, we designed. We’ve been working hard on our game lately and we’re proud to announce that our Industrial Map is mostly done. There are some tweaks and functionalities we’d like to further implement but it’s ready for play testing! Yeah!

The game is coming along nicely and it’s actually fun playing! We had up to 6 people in total playing together. We were able to find some new ideas and possibilities to further improve the game. And testing it with peeps is SO important!!

Luckily we had so many people live with us on LightYarn’s stream over on Twitch, so we got live feedback and could adjust some small things on the fly. It was also really fun to see people actually playing the thing we’ve spent so much time on.

We can’t wait to show you more in the near future!

So what’s next? Map-wise?
I’m going to start on our new map today. Live on stream. And it’s going to be… *drumrolls* … the Kitchen Map!

Stay healthy, stay tuned and thank you so much for your interest and feedback! ?


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